Written by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen

Directed by Sara Katzoff

All Photos: John Knapp

Performed by students in the University at Albany Theatre Program


With: Spencer Dunn, Johann Buchanan, Lauren Lyons Maddy Rolon, Max Conaway

Ezekiel Miller, Ariel Bryant, Bryce Pole Merchant, Kyle Barber, Jonathan Liuzzo,

Angus Armstrong 


Lighting Design by Andi Lyons

Set Design by Robert Dalton

Costume Design by Renée Bell

Sound design by Michael Chaney 


Culled from interviews, letters, transcripts, case files and the public record, The Exonerated tells the true stories of six wrongfully convicted death row survivors in their own words.

Each harrowing account of years--sometimes decades-- lost in prison, reveals  the overwhelming racial and economic prejudice in our broken legal system, the ongoing fight for social justice and the resilience of the human spirit. 

The Exonerated was presented alongside an exhibition of images from death row taken by photographer, journalist and human rights activist, Scott Langley. 

Over the course of the production, the ensemble raised over $500 in donations for the real life Exonerated via The Culture Project

"And I know America gets tired of all of these people talking about what they don't have and what's wrong with the country. Folks say 'well what's right with the country?' Well, what the f*&k? To make things better, we ain't interested in what's right with it, we're interested in what's wrong with it. You don't say 'whats right with my car?' What's wrong with it is what we better deal with"

~Delbert Tibbs (1939-2013) 
From "The Exonerated"