In addition to a strongly visual and physical approach to staging and devising, my strengths as a director are in the areas of new work development, championing emerging and underrepresented voices that push theatrical form, cultivating strong partnerships with designers of all disciplines, developing models of horizontal collaboration that facilitate an intersectional approach to rehearsal and performance culture that centers equity and community at the heart of all artistic practice. 

As a theater director, I believe one my roles is to continually reconsider and reimagine the systems and structures that represent  “the way things have always been done"  I believe this practice applies to material and content, form/method and process. As a white, cis, person and white, cis artist, my work needs to yield space to voices, narratives and perspectives other than my own. I believe this is a conversation we should continue to be having openly and transparently in rehearsal rooms and on stage. 

The practice of making theater for me is about the practice of making and remaking. The theater I am most excited about grappling with is a theater that embraces an elegant messiness, a simple complexity and is openly and brazenly riddled with contradictions, gray areas and paradoxes of all varieties. Theater is a vehicle for radicalizing human consciousness, a tool for both mocking the sacred and ritualizing the mundane, a method of waking us up, shaking us out and subverting our expectations. It invites us to practice a rigorous and sometimes uncomfortable embodiment of empathy and and to laugh vigorously at ourselves in spite of ourselves. Theater invites us to change our breathing, clench our ass cheeks, inhale, exhale, often in concert with strangers-- all while exploding the scope our of imaginations and limitations of our intellect. 

Vital. Relevant. Irreverent.