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Onward to Boston University!

This September, I will begin a three year M.F.A Directing program at Boston University. I am delighted to have this unique opportunity to train, explore and grow alongside such a creative and inspiring network of mentors, colleagues and artists. Although I will continue to nurture the threads of my freelance work within the New York and Berkshire Theater communities, I will be shifting my focus Eastward in order to fully immerse myself in the graduate experience. Peter (my husband and collaborator) and Kima (our 3 year old pup) will be joining me as we all begin our new adventure in Brighton in just a few short weeks!

In the fall of 2017, the BU School of Theatre also opens the doors to The Joan and Edgar Booth Theatre & Production Center (an architectural rendering from the firm Elkus Manfredi is pictured below). I am so excited to think about the collaborations, creativity and partnerships that will emerge from inside this remarkable theatre space and design laboratory. Making theater and telling stories is vital and I know that the ideas generated within this vibrant artistic home will shape and inspire the American Theater for decades to come. I am so grateful to be a small part of this exciting moment.

Deepest gratitude for your your continued love, encouragement and support. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming projects!

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