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I have had the incredible pleasure of collaborating with an ever growing network of extraordinary theater artists, companies and designers. These are brilliant and generous humans who never cease to spark the furnaces of my imagination and push the boundaries of what is possible:

Amy Brentano, Actor/Writer/Director

Renee M. Bell, Costume Design 

Tim Cryan, Lighting Design

Iris Daughterman, Playwright 

Julianna von Haubrich, Scenic Design

Zane Kealey, Costume Design 

Andi Lyons, Lighting Designer 

Chloe Moore, Costume Design

Afsoon Pajofour, Scenic Design 

Alexis Scheer, Playwright 

Stella Giulietta Schwartz, Costume Design

Dawn Crouch Shamburger, Costume Design

Laura Standley, Director/Collaborator 

Chris Tucci, Actor/Writer/ Director

WAM Theatre

Jeremy Winchester, Set Design/Director 

The Wardrobe Ensemble

Peter Wise, Sound Design/ Musician 


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