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Commissioned by WAM Theatre

Directed by Sara Katzoff

All Photos: Enrico Spada

Featuring: Barbara Cardillo, Joan Coombs,

Kelly Galvin and Erin Ouellette

Writers include: Loren AliKhan, Suzi Banks Baum, Nakeida Bethel-Smith, Valerie Gene Costas, Linda Bidwell Delaney, Jane Burke, J. Thalia Cunningham, Nichole Dupont, Susan Dworkin, Margot Faught, Mallory Fehrensen, Rachel Siegel, Mackenzie Sax, Jenn Smith, Amanda Van Allen, and Truus van Ginhoven

ABOUT 10X10on10 


10x10on10 is a multidisciplinary collaboration featuring over 30 performers, visual artists and writers that weave together stories, narratives and reflections by and about women exploring inspiration throughout life’s decades.


Working with the question ‘What are the 10 things that inspire you most at this decade of your life?‘, original writing and material was taken as the source of inspiration and devised into an original performance featuring a small ensemble of professional actors.

Exploring the idea that some of our biggest inspirations continue through the decades, while others change dramatically, presenting partner, the Alchemy Initiative invited 20 girls and women to reflect on the question: ‘What are the 10 things that inspire you most at this decade of your life?’. From these inspirations, each artist created a piece of artwork. The visual exhibit, curated by Diane Firtell, reads like a timeline of inspiration. Beginning as you enter at one side of the room is the work of young artists under age 10. 

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